What is Ndako Ya Biso ?

What is Ndako Ya Biso ?



Our vision

The Chemin Neuf Community thinks that unity of mankind is central for the work of the Community. But unity of mankind can only be built on the unity of the families. Poverty and social disorganisation are destroying the families in Kinshasa, then the community is searching the means to help the families to build their unity to save the central place of the children in the family.

The place of the child is not on the street. Street don’t give life to children and don’ help them to grow in their life. But the street help the young to think that loves doesn’t exist and that violence is the only way of life, because they don’t receive love in their life.

The Chemin Neuf Community believes that love is possible, that all the children, even destroyed by the street, can find trust and love in their life if somebody loves him.

The Chemin Neuf Community believes that the best place for a child is his own family, even if there are problems in the family, and that it is important to look for somebody of the extended family who can receives the child, love him and educate him.

The Chemin Neuf Community believes that each family can go on a way of better unity if somebody trust the family and helps them on their way.



The Chemin Neuf Community is a catholic ecumenical community born in France in 1973.

The Chemin Neuf Community came to Kinshasa (Democratic Republic of Congo) in 2003.

The archbishop of Kinshasa gave them the parish of Saint Christine, near the roundabout Ngaba, a very important popular and commercial place in the South of the city.

The Community discovered directly a great number of street children. The local population don’t like them: they are seen as a big potential of violence and robbery. At the beginning, no organization was working with them on this place.

In the year 2004, we made a study to know their life and their problems in our suburb and we went to visit other organizations working with street children in Kinshasa, some with more than 10 years of experience.

In December 2004, we begun our own project and in September 2005, we rent a house for the project (100$/a month) in our popular suburb. When the children began to come, we asked them: “what name we should give to our centre?” And they suggested the name of “Ndako ya biso”, in lingala, the local language, that is to say:”Our House”. We felt in love with this name.

Ndako ya biso is now a local NGO in Kinshasa, with an official agreement of the government of DRC.


What have we done?

For us, the most import work is to discover the children on the street, to know their history, and to go to search their family to reunify them by somebody of their family:

In 2005, we reunified 46 children in their family, in 2006 68, in 2007 80, in 2008 112 (60% of the children were considered as witch)

At the end of 2008, more than 300 children were still in their family and the 15 educators of our centre go to visit them twice a month, to stabilize them in their family.

Our centre receives every day more than 40 children of the street, children between 8 and 16 years, but we refuse that a child stay in the centre for the night. We receives and help also street girls of 8 to 16, but the work with the girls is much more difficult, because they suffer much more than boys in the street (prostitution, sexual violence…) We want to begin a second centre for the girls, not to mix them with the boys, because of their special condition.

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