Work and Activities of Ndako ya Biso

Work and activities of Ndako Ya Biso


Today, we have different services in our work:


1) Our house where seven different services are given to the street boys: we receive them and listen to their sufferingand, their history; we give them the possibility of shower, and washing their clothes, we get also a place for their clothes, as they have no home, no room for their own things.
They can have a rest, play with others, once a month we go with them all to swim in a river.

We have our own dispensary, with the help of the French organization of Medecins du Monde, and our nurses get the medecines they need for the children.

Every day, the children get an hour of alphabetization to help them to discover the importance of school. Every day at 4.00 P.M, they receive a good meal (50600$/a month) and after the meal they go back in the street to sleep under the tables of the market.

We have just bought a new place for the children, a big land of 2000m2 and we want to build a whole centre for the children (60.000$ for a first building)


2) Our service of reunification try to listen to the children on the street or in our centre day and night. They made inquiry to discover where the members of the family can be, in Kinshasa or even in different places of the country. They organize mediation with the families to try to make the family understanding the importance to take their child back at home. Then, if the family accept, we reunify the child and try to help the family to receive well their child. Each month, we reunify more or less 10 children. If it is impossible to reunify a child, we seek for a family who accept to receive the child, but it is very difficult to find.


3) Our service or reintegration follow the 300 children already back at tome to stabilize them in their families. Five different services are given to the families therefore:

- We put children in schools near the house of their families. Today more than 200 children are in schools, some are event the first in their classes! But schools are very expensive in DRC, as the state does nearly nothing for the schools. Fees in the school could be round 100$ for a whole schoolyear)), 150$ for the secondary school (12-18years), we have 30 children in secondary schools. And we look friends to helps the children to stay in the schools.

- We put also children in workshops or garages that they can learn a good job (carpentry, mechanics.. most want to become drives) We have now 25 children and must pay 25$/a month for each child.

- We give micro-credits to the mothers responsible of the children to help them in their small commercial activities (from 20 to 50$ for a woman), we gave 40 loans in 2008.

- We help the families to find a better housing to receive well their children. As the people don’t pay well their monthly rent, the people ask for a warrant of 100$ we pay for the family, that they can stay in the house.

- We help for all the conflicts in the family and try to speak often with the family that everybody can respect each other.

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